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A top 10 list just wasn't enough. So we made a top 12 list of our best selling products. Here you will find a variety of products that don't stay on our shelves for very long.

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Winery Series

We took a select few products such as cheese, crackers, and sausage and put them into elegant boxes which look perfect in tasting rooms, wineries and more.

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Founded by gifting expert Debbie Quintana, Jocelyn & Co. was named after her first granddaughter, Jocelyn. "She's too young to truly understand the impact our products and company is having on the gourmet gifting and food market right now but someday I'll tell her the story."  

Quintana started the company to bring a new, much needed fresh brand to the gifting industry.  Little did she know that the gourmet food industry was ready for it too.  Now Internationally sold, Jocelyn & Co. is working to be a leader in innovation for all types of online and traditional brick and mortar stores.  

"One of these days I'll explain to Jocelyn that I saw an opportunity and knew that I could start something new from nothing and be successful. She can do it too."