Private Label Custom Packaging

We are pleased to offer several programs and services designed to allow you to promote your brand with our products. Private label refers to custom packaging including our individual products as well as gift boxes.

Private Label Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are available in all sizes, styles and configurations.

Full Color Two Bottle Wine Box great for one bottle of wine with product. 2000 piece minimum. Cost is between $6-10 depending on final printing configuration. Simple plain box with label and a combination of your products and ours. Box minimum and costs dependent on actual size but range from $1-6. Square gift box with a belly band and your logo on a label in the middle. Available in 8x8x4 and 10x10x3 or custom made as required. Boxes are $6 including belly band and label. Standard box colors are white, black and Kraft but custom colors are available.

Production & Drop Ship

If you're looking for us to handle the gift design and production (including shipping) for you, we offer a full program to meet your needs.

Drop Ship: If you'd like us to ship on demand based on your incoming orders, we charge $6 per shipment. This includes the labor, shipping box, tape, data entry, label and shipment. We can work with you to determine the best process flow for shipping your orders including pallet shipping, daily or weekly shipments. We use your shipping account for the cost of shipping the gifts.

Private Label Product Boxes

There is a 2,000 minimum per product, per design for private label boxes. Full payment for packaging only is required at the time of order. We can provide you with the products cased, in bulk or hold them in our warehouse and fill orders on demand. Upon shipment, a separate charge for the actual product and shipping will be charged.  There are no set up fees, however, if the designs need to be created, we charge $75 per hour.

 Product Name Minimum Packaging Cost Product Cost
Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers 2000 $0.35 $3.10
Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers - Mini 2000 $0.30 $1.14
Rustic Artisan Crisps - Small 2000 $0.35 $2.00
Rustic Artisan Crisps - Large 2000 $0.38 $3.25
Italian Grissini 2000 $0.38 $1.65
Cheese Spreads 2000 $0.30 $2.75
Cheese Bars 500 $0.18 $2.75
Organic Demi-Baguettes 2000 $0.55 $5.10
Mini Jams/Mustards 500 $0.12 $1.35
Popcorn 500 $0.24 $3.30
Pretzels - Bag 500 $0.24 $3.95
Pretzels - Box 2000 $0.35 $3.35
Olive Tapenade, Olives, Olive Oil 500 $0.12 $2.95
Dips 2000 $0.30 $1.95
Cocktail Mixes/Watermelon Lemonade 2000 $0.30 $1.95
Cookies - 6 oz boxes 2000 $0.35 $2.95
Cookies - Slimline 2 pack 2000 $0.30 $1.08
Cookies - Slimline 4 pack 2000 $0.35 $1.85
Dried Fruits, Nuts & Spa Mix 4x4x1 2000 $0.30 $2.55
Mug Cakes 2000 $0.35 $3.35
Potato Chips 2000 $0.35 $1.95
Dried Fruits & Nuts - Jars 1000 $0.30 $3.25